About Judy

Hi. Thank you for visiting my home page. My name is Judy Romero and I work at Google in Mountain View, California. I absolutely love it in the west coast, the food is impeccable and working at the GooglePlex has been a real delight the past two years. Prior to working at Google, I attended Stanford University where I major in Computer Engineering and minored in English Literature.

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First Post

This is a simple wordpress template (sorry Google for not using Blogspot, I still wanted to retain control of my site!). While I don't have much to talk about on my personal life, I felt I should use this blog as a way to share my photos and communicate with family and friends in a more private way than typical social media. While I do have an Instagram account, I do prefer to keep my posts on my own site to keep things somewhat private.

If you're one of my friends from Google or Stanford, drop me a line with your website and I can link to you from here too.